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Curating Cycle

Learn more about the cycle.

Who's Involved?

I. Solstice Projects

Stage 1

Once an agreement has been reached between Solstice Projects and the other
party defined as “The Client” Solstice Projects will commission a world-class and expert curator. 

We work with corporations willing to commit between CAD$ 20,000 and CAD$ 250,000 toward establishing a carefully curated corporate art collection.

Solstice projects will walk you through the bios of the curators with whom we

Stage 2

A meeting will be scheduled between “The curator” and “The Client” to discuss the scope, the theme and hear our recommendations.

Stage 3

A private gallery tour and private studio tour might be arranged to provide an
opportunity to get to know the artist and the gallerist. An in depth understanding
of the work, artist history and current cultural engagements.

Stage 4

Solstice Projects will conduct a final presentation, explain project timeline, kPIs,
ensure that both parties are aligned, secure sign off.

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