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The Founder & Managing Director of Solstice Projects & Solstice Galerie, Hassan W El-Sherbiny, has been involved in the corporate world, arts and culture for the past 16 years. He’s extremely passionate about the arts and has researched the transformative impact an art collection has on the life of a corporation. Art lifts the imagination and inspires us to think of a better world, translating to an overall improvement and performance.  

Inspired by Canadian & European Corporate Art Collections, his vision is to have transformed 50  organisations into museums by the end of 2025.

Started his professional career volunteering at the Vancouver Art Gallery & briefly managed the Vancouver Art Rental & Sales Dept. A frequent attendee of the Venice Biennale, Documenta, Capture Photography, Art fairs, and others.

He has collected a diverse Canadian array of artworks, including works by (Kwakwakawakw) artists Beau Dick and Rod Smith, works by Kate Craig, Gailan Ngan, Attila Lukacs, Michael Morris, Wayne Ngan, Donald Moffet, Manuel Piña, General Idea, Justin Novak, Cam Jennings, Cam Andrews,Tomoyo Ihaya, Jack Shadbolt, Mongo Thomson, Lincoln Clarks and others.

Mr.El-Sherbiny earned a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering at ASU and pursued post-graduate studies at UBC. He also completed an abridged MBA program at McGill
University, attended Sotheby’s Art Institute and is a member of the Canadian
Professional Sales Organization.

Supporter of the Morris & Helen Belkin Art Gallery curatorial program, Arts Umbrella, and other cultural institutions. He lives and works between Vancouver & Berlin. He loves skiing, soccer, swimming, opera, aerial photography and nature. Speaks Canadian English, Arabic, German and intermediate French. 

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